July 31, 2017

Why your warm market isn’t buying from you.

Why isn’t your warm market buying from you? Everyone knows what you do, and still they choose to go with a complete stranger salesperson.

I’ll bet! I have a pretty good idea of what may be running through your head when this happens – you think they’re haters! Deep-down-inside you might even say, “They don’t want me to be successful.” It feels a lot better to think you’re so awesome, that your friends and family are just HATIN’!

Ten years ago, I would have agreed with you about how everyone hates you now that you’re an entrepreneur/ business owner. What if I told you that it’s worse than that? What if it just comes down to YOU? If you aren’t marketable, you are potentially on track to being out of business- YIKES! Believe me, when you’re in business for yourself, haters are the least of your worries.

Even if people like, trust, and find you credible, they may not believe you are an authority in your field. Perhaps you’ve noticed that after meeting with a member of your warm market, the information you provided them was valuable enough to stir up a need, but not enough to close the deal.

Marketing yourself is probably a new concept for you. Despite what we believe marketing is, we market ourselves all the time! Unlike personal branding, it goes a step further to packaging your brand and delivering the goods on many levels. It’s safe to say you are the expert at marketing you! How you carry yourself, the confidence you have, what you know, or don’t know, are all expressed in the way you speak verbally and non-verbally.

Here are some ways to help you market yourself, grow your business, and make a sale every time.

You are your product

The first thing anyone going into sales needs to know is that YOU are your PRODUCT. When people buy from you, they are buying you! They’re buying the feeling you give them when you’re around and the ‘perceived’ value you have created with the knowledge that you have. If your warm market isn’t buying from you, here are some of the main reasons why that may be:

They are insecure of your abilities, you haven’t successfully showed them your value.
They are indecisive, this is where you help them make a decision, without being pushy.
They worry about money. They may lack the budget or see it as an expense and not an investment.
They are fearful. Like the saying, “all is fair in fear and money.” fine, I made that one up.
They don’t see who you are. You are misrepresenting yourself
And my favorite…

They were never asked
drop the mic.

I recently heard sales guru Lisa Sasevich say, “If you don’t ask for the sale, you’re setting it up for your competition.” Ouch! How many of us have done an entire sales presentation without asking for the sale?

If this sounds familiar, go back to the drawing board and find out how you can tackle the issues I just uncovered. Keep in mind how you want to be perceived… Sometimes we have an idea of how we should be and we try and play on that – even when it is not who we are. Self-improve and always make sure you are true to yourself.

Embrace Sales

Most of us don’t like to sell, however, the sooner you can embrace being in sales and taking your title seriously, the sooner you can actually start making sales! How often do we hear newbies in sales say, “I don’t want to look at myself as a sales person.” “I don’t like salespeople.” or “I don’t see myself as a salesperson, I just give facts.”? I get it – you want to set yourself apart in the eyes of your prospect and at the same time, trick your brain into allowing you to do your job. If it helps, in the eyes of your prospect(s), you are in sales! People try to redefine and reinvent the wheel and well… no one is doing an online search for a life-changer when they want to buy a weight loss herbal tea or insurance policy! Call it what it is, and stick with being simple in everything you do. Embracing your position and being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to marketing yourself. When you value your time, effort, and expertise, it will show through in your close.

Become the Authority

Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Don’t just put it on your website. My motto is- “Show the world who you are with the work that you do.” Your knowledge should be displayed in the way that you carry yourself, the conversations you have, and the way that you solve problems. Here are some ways you can market yourself as the authority figure in your field:

Showcase your knowledge by leveraging the wonderful world of the internet (Website, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.)
Be content driven, having substance in today’s market speaks to all generations
Use all the resources you can to constantly put yourself in front of others (Networking, Events, Sponsorship’s, Partnerships, etc.)
Always talk about your expertise by giving away small nuggets, online and offline
Make it a point to learn something new about your industry on a daily basis and share that with your potential clients, directly and indirectly
Speak at events that pertain to your field and educate your audience
Serve your community; it’s always a plus when you can use your expertise
Get mentors in your field and even more mentors in other fields (this offers you perspective)
What would it mean for your business if you took the time to learn how to be an authority in your field? Would you be able to close more sales, get bigger deals, be an ifluencer or connector?

If you’re new to your industry, make learning your favorite thing and then implement what you’ve learned. If it makes you uncomfortable, that’s even better. Experience comes at a cost; knowing “things” does no one any good without wisdom behind the knowledge.

Let’s recap a few key points:

You are your Brand; market your knowledge everywhere you go
Walk and speak with confidence and authority
Get your warm market engaged on social media platforms
(Ask questions that pertain to your service and give yourself a place to voice your expertise)

Create and share content that pertains to your business or expertise
Embrace being in sales and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale

Learning marketing tactics that fit who you are will take a bit of masterminding. Ultimately, marketing yourself allows you to do what marketing firms have been doing for decades, except you’re making it personal. Here are a few things you should keep in mind and the ingredients you need to successfully close your warm market:

Consumers don’t always know what they want.
Ingredient: Show them what they want

They operate out of Fear Of Missing Out and or the unknown.
Ingredient: Make it all about the FOMO! what can you do for them that will cause them to buy from you right now?

They will take their time in making decisions when you offer a product or service that may impact their future or finances.
Ingredient: Your ability to patiently hold their hand through the process

Marketing exists as a process to relieve the consumer out of any fear they may have and ease them into a purchase. This means that you have to be strategic as a professional and create a persona (your brand) that will allow you to funnel and convert the heck out of your warm market.


Sarai Garrett, is a Millennial Entrepreneur, Aspiring Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder of The Marketing Millennial LLC a full Marketing Firm, Host/ Producer of The Rogue Entrepreneur Show.

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