August 7, 2018

4 Tips to Overcome The Fear of Failure As A Business Owner

  1    Imagine the worst, then let it go

Visualize the worst case scenario happening and then remove your thoughts from it. Accepting and removing the feeling of potential failurefrom your life will give clarity to your actions, inspiring every step to be imbued with a sense of optimism and good spirit — now that you’ve acknowledged what could go wrong, go right.

    2    Keep in mind: regrets are worse than failure

Regrets linger much longer and have much more weight than fear. If you’re reluctant to branch out because your fear of failure, imagine living with the perpetual weight of the doubt of never having reached further. If you’re reluctant to branch out because you fear for your family’s stability, there’s a chance down the line that your business might become stagnant as a result of your fear of growth.

3    Develop a culture of experimentation

If you’ve failed many times in the past, fail faster in your present. Numerous failed attempts certainly signify that you already know exactly what won’t work, which means you’re close to what will work.

    4    Accept inspiration

No, it’s not just a hoo-ha word artists use as an excuse to put off that new project “I’m not inspired today;” it’s science that you can make work to your advantage. Inspiration isn’t always everywhere, and won’t come every time you call for it…  sometimes you have to actively seek it.

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