How to Become An Influencer and Advance Your Business

The following are the six steps that I have found to be effective in creating influence within a community. I believe that anyone can follow these steps to begin their journey towards becoming an influencer: 1. Determine the industry/segment in which you wish to become an influencer: There’s a difference between being famous and being an influencer. […]

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4 Tips to Overcome The Fear of Failure As A Business Owner

  1    Imagine the worst, then let it go Visualize the worst case scenario happening and then remove your thoughts from it. Accepting and removing the feeling of potential failurefrom your life will give clarity to your actions, inspiring every step to be imbued with a sense of optimism and good spirit — now that you’ve acknowledged what could […]

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Delusion in Business and How to Overcome

Failure is loud and clear if you’ve failed you’ve known it! The pain associated with failure can catapult an entrepreneur to the next level of business, but what happens when an entrepreneur is delusional about his level of success? Maybe Entrepreneurs need to be a little delusional sometimes; this may also be a trait that […]

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