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Ignite your FIRE

What motivates you, and feeds your determination? You have a gift you want to share with the world, and we’re here to help keep that fire going!

Generate Business Opportunities for Yourself

In a world where women are constantly put against each other to compete, we strive to empower one another, generate business opportunities for those around us, and share insights in hopes to inspire women everywhere. Our Mighty Network depicts just some of our values, experiences, and recommendations in the business world. 

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To Be Connected with Other Business Changemakers

VIP LBC prides itself on its ability to interact with the community and its leaders in a fun, inspiring way. Networking is our speciality and we love to build on our foundation of strong and encouraging business leaders. Making a change is a priority!

Our Mission

VIP Latina Business Council is a multigenerational group of Executive Women, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs. We represent a unified voice with advocacy on issues that matter to us by providing business opportunities through powerful high-level networking. Our focus is to always pay it forward in every ambition we pursue. The time to give back is always. Together, we are stronger!

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